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Facial Rejuvenation

Facial Renewal Acupuncture / Facial Rejuvenation


At Rejuvenation Acupuncture & Wellness Clinic, we provide facial rejuvenation treatments like no other.  We combine state-of-the-art technology with the ancient knowledge of acupuncture and meridian theory, helping you achieve inner balance and outer radiance. 

The conventional “facial acupuncture” requires the insertion of many fine needles on the face, an area of increased sensitivity which can cause added discomfort and increase the possibility of bruising.  At Rejuvenation Acupuncture & Wellness Clinic, we minimize the number of needles used on the face by introducing a system called ELR or Energy Light Rejuvenation, which utilizes the magic of color and micro-current.  Color is communication at a cellular level.  By applying the customized color light at a specific muscle or acupuncture point on the face, information is delivered directly to a place where your body needs to bring healing and beauty to a whole new level.  You will notice a difference within the first three treatments, and by the end of the twelve treatments, you can expect an elimination of fine lines and wrinkles, firmer, younger looking skin with a natural rosy glow.  

Facial renewal acupuncture (or facial rejuvenation treatment) is non-invasive. It is not a laser so will not cause any burning or scarring.  There is absolutely no down time and allows you to continue with your regular activities following a Constitutional Facial Rejuvenation treatment.  In fact, many people will come for a treatment the night before or the morning of an important event, such as wedding and important social gatherings.

We Treat You Constitutionally, Not Just On Your Face!

Our Facial Renewal Acupuncture is a holistic treatment. Besides working directly on the specific conditions of the face, acupuncture is administered on the body to work on a constitutional level; after all, what shows up externally is often a reflection of what's going on internally. These treatments can surprise you with added “side-benefits”! Individuals may very, but many women who have received our Facial Rejuvenation treatments have noticed that their hot flashes and night sweats had reduced, back pains are gone, increased self-esteem with a more positive outlook on life, digestive disorders are better, and one woman reported that her gout disappeared the day following the treatment!

What To Expect With Your Facial Rejuvenation Treatments


During your first treatment, a thorough intake of your health history, lifestyle and dietary habits are collected to determine your constitution and what may be attributing to what's happening on the face and neck.  Acupuncture will be administered on the body to work on a constitutional level, and you will be pampered with relaxing micro-current and energy light treatment on your face and neck.  Acupuncture may be administered on the face if the practitioner feels necessary. 

Special skincare products, masks, and Chinese herbal poultices are applied on the face after your ELR treatment.  By the end of your facial rejuvenation treatment, your face will glow with radiance and you will leave our office feeling wonderfully refreshed and balanced.   

Depending on the individual's age, genetic makeup, diet and lifestyle, the number of treatments needed may vary.  It takes an average of 12 to 15 treatments to achieve lasting results.  Heavy smokers may need as many as 20 treatments.  By the end of your series of treatment, you can expect to look and feel 10 ~ 20 years younger!

Facial Renewal Acupuncture

• Series of 15 ~ 20 Treatments, two times a Week 

• Revolutionary Technique Combining Micro-current, Color Light Therapy with the Proven Healing of Acupuncture and Meridian Therapy

• Non-Invasive, No Downtime for Healing
Colors are Customized for You During Each Treatment

• Treatments Take Approximately 90 Minutes

• Lunchtime Sessions Available with No Visible Redness or Soreness

• Tighten Facial Muscles to Improve Sagging Skin

• Reduce Double Chin & Lift Drooping Eyelids

• Eliminate Fine Lines & Diminish Larger Wrinkles, 
Increase Collagen Production

• Evens Skin Tone and Improves Texture

• Reduces Puffiness

• Help eliminate or lighten age/liver spots

• Reduce Acne and Tone Down Redness

• Improves Metabolism

• Tighten Pores and Brighten eyes

• Increase Local Blood and Lymph Circulation

• Reduces Stress and Promotes Total Health and Well-being

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